Jewellery Repairs

It is often the case that our favourite or most sentimental jewellery pieces are the ones we wear the most. Over time, they face the general wear and tear of everyday life and sometimes need a little TLC.

As an example, let's say the chain of your necklace breaks and you almost lose a treasured pendant. Our first step is to examine the necklace to ascertain why it has broken. Has the chain broken, or is it the catch? Do the links look worn and thin? Are there snaps in links anywhere else? It may be possible for us to solder multiple breaks, or we may advise a new chain if the current one is particularly damaged. If the catch has broken, we can provide a replacement, but may also suggest a safety chain be added in case this happens again in the future. We will also check the rest of the necklace; does the bail on the top of the pendant show any signs of damage? Does it need building up or replacing? After checking the necklace over, we can best advise what needs to be done next in order to return it to a secure and wearable state. We will give you a price estimate for the work, and you can tell us whether you would like to go ahead with the repair.

We offer a vast range of repairs, from soldering, to stone setting, to claw retipping, and many more. If you have a query about a damaged item you have, get in touch. Broken jewellery is rarely a write-off. Either call us on 01702 390909, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..